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Tournament Participation Priorities

A Must Read For All Members

This procedure applies when the number of applicants for a tournament exceeds the number of players allowed by the golf course.
Note: Most golf courses allow a maximum of 144 players per tournament.

Entries must be received at the Golf House in writing, with cash or check, by the cut-off date in the announcement which is usually the Wednesday before the tournament. PayPal is available and announced via e-mail messages.

Within each of the following priority categories below, entries will be ranked by the date the entry form and dollars are received at the Golf House. Players will be taken first from Category 1. If there is space for more players, entries will be taken from Category 2 until it is exhausted, and so on through Category 6.


  1. Members
  2. Candidates whose applications have been Approved by the Board.
  3. Candidates who have been evaluated and are awaiting Board action
  4. Candidates who would receive their first evaluation.
  5. Candidates in waiting.
  6. Guests (regardless of date of entry).
If playing spaces are available after the above categories have been exhausted, the remaining spaces will be assigned at the discretion of the Tournament Chairman. Normally, these will come from entries received after the cut off date per the tournament announcement.

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