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Orange County Seniors Golf Association

By-Laws of the Orange County Seniors Golf Association


Article I—-NAME

This Association shall be known as “Orange County Seniors Golf Association.”


The purpose of this Association is to encourage friendly meetings and golfing events for senior players residing in Orange County and contiguous counties in California. The golfing events will be comprised of a two-day Annual Championship affair plus other events at times and places considered appropriate by the Board of Directors and in the best interest of the Association.


Section 1. Criteria for membership:

The OCSGA is a club of gentlemen amateur golfers. It provides an opportunity for its membership to meet together at various times throughout the year to enjoy the game of golf and the companionship and fun that goes with it. The two fundamental qualifications of a candidate for his admission to membership are:

1. He is a gentleman and fun to be with before, during and after golf, and
2. He enjoys and respects the game of golf and its traditions.

The following criteria will determine his eligibility to be “Proposed for Membership:”

1. Have a GHIN established index of 26 or lower based on 20 rounds of golf in the 12 months prior to application for membership.
2. Be 50 years of age or older. Membership proposals will be accepted from candidates in their 49th year of age.
3. Be a member of a SCGA recognized golf club (having a golf course with at least 18 holes) located within Orange County or a contiguous county.  However, if he is a member of two or more recognized golf clubs he will be eligible for membership only from his home club, that being the one he regularly plays and is nearest to his principal residence.
4. Be sponsored by two members of the Orange County Seniors Golf Association.  Considerations to be given due weight in establishing priorities as between candidates, and in this order, are:

a. Any prospective member which the Board feels would have UNIQUE value to the entire membership.
b. The earliest “Date of Completing Qualifying Round.”
c. Any contribution made by him to the development of the game of golf in its best tradition.
d. His depth of experience as a golfer and his observance of the regulations and etiquette of golf.
e. Probable participation in OCSGA events, particularly the Annual Championship.
f. His standing in his community and in his profession, business or other occupation, and the significant contributions, if any, he has made.  All memberships are for (1) year and are renewable at the option of the Board of Directors.

5. Proposed member must play in one qualifying tournament with a current board member or a member of the Tournament Committee prior to being proposed for membership as outlined in Article III, Section 2. In the event a current board member is not present or a board member is a member of the applicant’s club, then the tournament chairman may appoint a member in good standing to play with the subject applicant.
6. Proposed member must complete the qualifying tournament within six months of the date of receipt of his application, or within six qualifying consecutive tournaments, whichever may apply. If this qualifying tournament round is not completed, the proposed application will be rescinded and the applicant will be notified he is no longer an applicant. The applicant’s sponsor will be notified of this action.
7. After approval by the board, the new member shall, within ninety days, attend an orientation meeting at The Golf House to receive his badge and other items for the purpose of obtaining a clear understanding of the club’s operation.

Section 2. Election to membership shall be by action of the Board of Directors upon candidates recommended to the Board. Two (2) negative votes shall exclude the applicant. A former member of the Association must follow the same application procedure if he wishes to be re-instated. He must
complete the application procedure and be voted on by the Board. However, if the membership is filled, his name must be placed at the end of a waiting list, if such exists.

Section 3. Any membership may be terminated for cause by a vote of the Board of Directors, but only after the member has been notified of the charges against him and is given an opportunity to appear before the Board and state his case.

Section 4. Any member who has been continuously in the Association for ten (10) years, and upon reaching the age of eighty (80) by the commencement of the fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) shall be placed on the membership roll as “Member Emeritus.” He will have all the privileges of membership
and will be exempt from payment of annual dues except for an administrative charge of $75. The Member Emeritus will be exempt from the minimum point requirement outlined in Article III, Section 7.

Section 5.Past presidents shall be classed as “Members Emeritus” automatically upon completion of their terms in office and shall be placed on the membership roll as such. Also, they will not be required to fulfill the minimum points as outlined in Article III, Section 7.

Section 6.Membership in the Association will be limited to one hundred seventy-five (175), excluding Honorary and Emeritus Members. The Board of Directors shall have the power to change the membership limit if it deems the change to be in the best interests of the Association. Membership in
the Association from any one country club is limited to 25 including honorary and emeritus members. The present limitation of 25 members for a club that is at the maximum, may be waived to accommodate a total not to exceed two (2) transfers of members from other clubs, providing any such
member meets the following requirements:

a. Must be a member of the Association for at least two years,
b. Must have participated in at least 60% of the Association golfing tournaments in each of the last two years.
c. Must contact the Association office prior to transferring from his present club to inquire about the present membership in the Association for his prospective new club.
d. Must submit his request for transfer, in writing, to the Board of Directors outlining the reasons and circumstances for the transfer.

The Board of Directors should consider and act upon requests for transfer at the next Board meeting. The decision of a majority of the Board members should prevail and the member should be advised of the Board action promptly. Such transfers will be placed at the top of the waiting list of applicants for
that specific club. The present overall limit of 175 members, excluding Honorary and Emeritus Members, will not be affected.

Section 7.To maintain membership in the Association, a member must earn a minimum of five points annually, three of which must be earned in local tournaments; one point is earned for participation in any monthly event and one is earned on away events. Members entered in a regularly scheduled
tournament that is cancelled or re-scheduled will be given credit for the point(s) that would have been earned for that tournament. Members may ask to be excused from meeting the minimum point requirements by advising the Board in writing the circumstances preventing the earning of the minimum point requirement. The member shall be notified by mail of the action taken by the Board.

a. A member may apply for a leave of absence from active membership by petitioning the Board in writing. The Board, on approval of the petition, will remove the member from the active roll.
b. A member who has been on an approved leave of absence may apply for reinstatement to the Board. Upon the approval of the Board the member will be reinstated to the active membership roll. This reinstated membership may be in addition to the overall membership limit of 175 members. This reinstated membership will affect the waiting list by reducing the top listed waiting candidate for membership to a lower position by one, until the candidate will fit into the total of 175. Upon return to active membership the member will resume paying annual dues.


Section 1.The initiation fee shall be two hundred dollars ($200) payable upon election to membership.

Section 2. The annual dues for Members shall be two hundred fifty dollars ($250) payable upon election to Membership and annually thereafter on July 1st.

a. New members joining after July 1st shall pay pro-rata dues quarterly as follows:

1. First Quarter – $250

2. Second Quarter – $165

3. Third Quarter – $120

4. Fourth Quarter – $70

b. There shall be a charge, authorized by the Board of Directors, for playing in the regular monthly tournaments, the President’s Annual Tournament, and other golf events, and is to be paid at the time entry is made. None shall be eligible to play therein until such fee is paid.

Section 3.Effective July 1, 2016 Candidates in Waiting will pay annual dues of one hundred fifty dollars ($150).

Candidates approved as Candidates in Waiting after July 1st shall pay pro-rata dues as follows:

 1. First Quarter – $150

 2. Second Quarter – $115

 3. Third Quarter – $70

 4. Fourth Quarter – $45

Section 4. The Board shall have the authority, without amendment to these By-Laws, to change the annual dues, initiation, and tournament fees.

Section 5. The fiscal year of the Association is July 1 to June 30, inclusive. Annual dues shall be due and payable July 1st of each year. Any member whose annual dues remain unpaid by July 1 shall become delinquent and shall be so notified by the Secretary, and the indebtedness must be paid on or before July 15th. Any member who has not paid his dues by July 15th shall cease to be a member of the Association and his name shall be dropped from the roll. The vacancy shall be filled by an applicant approved by the Board and who is on the waiting list. Anyone may be reinstated as a member only upon election in due form as prescribed in Article III, Section 2 and payment of the initiation fee and the annual dues.


Section 1.The Annual Meeting of the General Membership shall be held at such time and place designated by the Board of Directors for the holding of the President’s Annual Tournament. Notice of the Annual Meeting and the President’s Annual and Championship Tournament shall be mailed to each member of the Association not less than three weeks prior to the date of the meeting and tournament.

Section 2.The order of business at the Annual Meeting shall be:

a. Report of the President
b. Report of the Secretary
c. Report of the Treasurer
d. Report of the Nominating Committee
e. Election of Directors
f. Other Business
g. Adjourn—–Sine Die

Section 3. The order of business at the first meeting of the new Board of Directors shall be:

a. Welcoming of new Board members
b. Approval of the minutes of the last regular meeting
c. Election of officers for the new fiscal year
d. Other business
e. Adjourn

Section 4. Meetings of the Board shall be held at such time and place as so designated by the President and shall be preceded by a ten (10) day written notice. Special Meetings of the Board also may be called at the request of five (5) or more members, providing that a ten (10) day written notice is submitted. In order to carry on business, there shall be a quorum of the Board in attendance (a quorum to consist of a majority of the Board including Directors-at-Large).


Section 1.There shall be a Board of Directors, consisting of not less than three (3) nor more than fifteen (15) members, no more than three (3) of whom shall be from the same golf club.

Section 2.At each Annual Meeting of the members, sufficient Directors shall be elected to fill vacancies that will exist for the coming year.  They shall be elected for a 3 year period (one or two years to fill unexpired terms of retiring Directors).  No Director can be elected to serve more than six consecutive years.

Section 3.Any vacancy on the Board shall be filled by a vote of a majority of the remaining Directors at any regular or special meeting thereof. The member so appointed to fill such vacancy shall hold office for the remainder of the vacated term, and will be eligible up to six additional consecutive years.

Section 4. Any member of the Board who absents himself from two successive regular or special meeting of the Board without an excuse acceptable to the members of the Board may forfeit his office and cease to be a member of the Board.

Section 5.The outgoing president will be an ex-officio Board member for one year without vote, provided he has completed his full elected term as a Director.

Section 6.The Board of Directors shall have the authority to appoint a Director-at-Large for life.  Directors-at-Large shall have the full privileges and responsibilities of any other Director and shall be exempt from the “same club” criteria as in Section 1 of this Article. The Directors-at-Large shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, thus insuring adherence to the philosophies and policies long established by this Association.

Section 7.The Board of Directors shall have the authority to appoint and confirm a Director of Tours to the Board and that Director will be appointed for a one (1) year term. This position shall be exempt from the requirement of a Director serving no more than six (6) consecutive years.

Section 8. The officers for the ensuing year shall be elected by and from the Board.


Section 1.Officers of the Association shall be: President, First Vice President/President Elect, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past President. Each Officer must be a member of the Board of Directors. Officers shall be elected Annually by the Board. The positions of Vice President and Treasurer or Secretary and Treasurer, may be united in one person.

Section 2.President. It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Board and of the Association, to call such meetings as are herein provided, to see that the By-Laws as such are enforced, to supervise generally the affairs of the Association, and at the Annual Meeting to make a report of the activities and general business of the Association during the preceding year. He shall appoint and remove at will all standing and special committees that may be deemed necessary and shall be an ex-officio member of the same; which said appointments or removals shall be presented by him to the Board for confirmation or rejection. He shall sign jointly with the Secretary, all contracts, bonds, and other instruments in writing which may have been first approved by the Board.

Section 3. Vice-President. In the absence, inability, or disqualification of the President, the First and Second Vice President, in order, shall perform all duties of the President. If the President and both Vice-Presidents are absent, the Secretary shall call the meeting to order and a temporary chairman shall be chosen.

Section 4. Secretary. The Secretary of the Association shall keep a record of all proceedings of the Board and of the Association. He shall conduct the official correspondence of the same, and perform such other duties as the Board of Directors may prescribe, and shall be a member ex-officio of all committees. He shall have the power, with the sanction of the Board, to delegate any part of his duties.

Section 5.Treasurer. The Treasurer of the Association shall have supervision of all monies and funds of the Association. He shall cause to be paid out of all monies of the Association, only in a manner prescribed by the Board of Directors and these By-Laws, and shall delegate such duties as the Board authorizes.

Section 6. The Board of Directors may appoint such other officers and agents as it shall deem necessary or expedient, who shall hold their offices for such terms and shall exercise such powers and perform such duties as shall be determined from time to time by the Board of Directors.


Section 1. There shall be the following committees, each to consist of a chairman who shall be a current Director, and at least two other members each of whom shall function under the general direction of the Board of Directors. The President may appoint an Ad Hoc Committee at his discretion whenever he deems it necessary.

a. Administrative Committee. This committee shall be responsible for the administrative matters pertaining to the operation of the Orange County Seniors Golf Association. This includes the operation of the Golf House, all Golf House equipment and furnishings, and staffing. This committee is not responsible for financial matters, golf tournaments, or travel.

b. Tournament Committee. This committee shall be responsible for the preparation and management of each monthly golf tournament. It shall also be responsible for the golf tournaments at each of the away events including the President’s Annual Tournament. The committee shall be responsible for the method of handicapping used for tournament play and to verify the proper index numbers for all players (members, candidates, and guests).

c. Tournament and Travel Scheduling Committee. This committee shall be responsible for the selection of the monthly tournaments for the upcoming year. It is also responsible for the planning and managing all trips for Orange County Seniors Golf Association.

d. Finance Committee: This committee will be comprised of three (3) current Directors of the Association, including the Treasurer who will be the Chairman. The responsibility of this committee shall be to advise and recommend actions to the Board for the handling of financial matters and to assist in the budgetary process.

e. Nominating Committee. This committee will be composed of five (5) members, no two of whom shall be from any one club, and will include three (3) past or present members of the Board and two (2) from the general membership. This committee shall meet throughout the fiscal year in order to prepare and present a slate of nominees for the position of Director at the Annual Membership Meeting held in June.

f. Membership Committee. This committee shall have the following responsibilities: to receive, review and evaluate proposals for membership, and issue to sponsors of approved candidates the suggestion for play in two tournaments. Thereafter, the Membership Committee will make recommendations for action to the Board of Directors as to the placement of candidates on a waiting list.

g. Social and Special Events Committee. This committee shall be responsible for any social or special events held in conjunction with any of the regularly scheduled tournaments

h. By-Laws Committee. This committee should be responsible for the interpretation, amendments and additions to our current By-Laws. The committee shall be composed of at least three (3) members, one of whom is to be a Past-President.


Section 1. The control and management of the affairs, funds and property of the Association shall be vested in the Board of Directors.

Section 2.No member of the Board shall, under any circumstances, receive a salary or compensation from the funds of the Association.

Section 3. The Board shall have the power and authority:

a. To limit the number of members in the Association.
b. To make rules of conduct for members and their guests.
c. To fix and enforce penalties for any violation of the By-Laws and rules of the Association.
d. To fill any vacancies among the officers of the Association and of the Board of Directors by a majority vote of the Board of Directors present at a regular or special meeting called for that purpose and where the members of the Board have been notified in advance of the reason for the meeting. The person or persons so elected shall hold office until the next annual meeting of the Association, or until the successor is elected and qualified. However, the President may appoint, subject to Board approval, a Director to fulfill any Director’s unexpired term.
e. To do all things necessary and consistent with the laws of California and with these By-Laws, and to control and manage the affairs of the Association.
f. On all questions as to the construction of the By-Laws and rules of the Association, the decision of the Board of Directors shall be final.


Section 1.The funds of this Association shall be handled by the Treasurer. The funds shall be maintained in such bank or banks as may be from time to time designated and approved by the Board.

Section 2. All bills of this Association, when approved by the Treasurer and/or President, shall be paid from the funds of the Association. Checks written in excess of $1,000 require two authorized signatures, i.e., the President and one or two of his designees as approved by the Board of Directors.

Section 3. The Treasurer shall give an accounting of the Association funds at each regular Board Meeting and whenever requested by the President.

Section 4. A special accounting shall be made by the Treasurer one week prior to the annual meeting, which shall constitute the Financial Statement to be available to the Board members at the annual meeting.


Section 1.The Association shall hold an Annual 36-hole President’s Golf Tournament, for members and spouses (or significant other) only, at a time and place designated by the President, subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

Section 2.Additional golf events shall be arranged by the Tournament committee and submitted to the Board of Directors for its approval.

Section 3.For the purpose of play in any golfing event, the Tournament Committee will determine the type of tournament and the pairings required to provide equitable stroke competition and maximum good fellowship in the foursomes. Rules for establishing foursomes:

a. Avoid pairing individuals from the same club.
b. Wherever possible, try to accommodate requests of members to play with their guests.
c. Make certain that the maximum index is 24 for all guests. Exceptions may be made for travel trip tournaments.

The Tournament Committee records and history should contain the information as to types of Tournaments: Individual by Age Groups; Individual by Handicap; Mixed Foursomes by Age Groups; Mixed Foursomes by Handicap. When a tournament is held by Age Groups, a Guest Flight will be added. It is the responsibility of the Tournament Committee to revise, annually, the Orange County Seniors by Age Grouping. This is done by dividing the membership into five (5) groups, A, B, C, D, E and making the groups numerically equal and adjusting the birthdates accordingly.  The individual member’s group letter will be printed below his membership date in the Roster. An asterisk after the last name will be noted for all Emeritus Members.

Section 4.The Tournament Committee shall be the final arbiter of all complaints, protests, appeals, and interpretations regarding golfing events.

Section 5.Members in good standing may invite one (1) guest per event, unless specifically prohibited for any particular event. The host of a guest must be present and play at the event concerned. No person may be invited as a guest more than three times during the same tournament year. The Board of Directors shall determine rules of guest participation at any or all events, and set entry fees for such guests. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, any member of the Board of Directors may host two or more approved applicants for membership.

Section 6. Awards, trophies and prizes: For all tournaments, the Board of Directors shall designate a portion of the entry fee to be used for prizes. These prizes will be in the form of cash, negotiable gift certificates or golf balls and will be awarded primarily for net scores; gross scores will receive minimal prizes.

a. President’s Trophy: The member making the lowest net score during the two-day, 36-hole Annual President’s Tournament shall be declared the winner of the President’s Trophy and his name shall be inscribed on the perpetual trophy and an individual trophy. Only bona-fide members who have participated in five or more previous golfing events during the fiscal year are eligible for this over-all championship. If a tie exists, co-champions shall be declared.
b. Cecil C. Crew Golfer of the Year Trophy: This perpetual trophy will have the winner’s name inscribed on it and an individual trophy will be presented to the winner. The trophy will be awarded on the basis of net score of each member in his six best rounds exclusive of the President’s Annual Tournament. Every individual event is eligible. In case of ties, the scores of the remaining tournaments of those involved in the tie will be matched until a winner is determined. If there is still a tie, scoring will continue into the first and then the second day of the President’s Tournament.
c. John A Harris “E” Division Trophy: This perpetual trophy will have the winner’s name inscribed on it and an individual trophy will be presented to the winner. The winner of this trophy will be the “E” Division player with the lowest net score in the Annual President’s Tournament. Ties will be broken by matching score cards, beginning with hole one, in groups of three holes, net score, with full handicaps applied where they fall.
d. Valley J. Voyles Low Gross Trophy: This perpetual trophy will have the winner’s name inscribed on it and an individual trophy will be presented to the winner. The winner of this trophy will be any member with the lowest gross score in the Annual President’s Tournament. Ties will be broken by matching score cards.
e. Frank L. Scott OCSGA Lifetime Achievement Award: A This perpetual trophy will have the winner’s name inscribed on it and an individual trophy will be presented to the winner. This award may be, but is not necessarily, an annual award, and is based on qualified applicants determined by the President and the Board of Directors.

Requirements for consideration:

>Ten years of service required.Must be a member in excellent standing.

>Must have served on various Boards and Committees providing service to the Organization.

>Must exemplify the finest traditions of golf, namely honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship and is a gentleman held in high esteem by OCSGA members and his peers.

>Is continuously working to further the goals of OCSGA and its yearly agendas.

>Must have support of 75% of the Board of Directors to be honored for this award.

f. Lawrence J. Sork Age Group Championship Award: This perpetual trophy will have the winner’s
name inscribed on it and will be based on their low net scores in certain tournaments as determined by the President and Tournament Chairman.
g. Hole-in-One Prize: a $200 negotiable gift certificate has been established for a hole-in-one scored in a regularly scheduled tournament. This prize will be perpetual, until rescinded by the Board of Directors, with replenishment to be made from the General Fund as necessary.

Article XII – SEAL

The corporate seal of the Corporation shall consist of two concentric circles, between which shall be the name of the Corporation and in the center shall be inscribed the date of its incorporation and the words,”Corporate Seal, California.”


Alterations, amendments or repeals of the By-Laws may be made by a majority vote at any meeting of the Board of Directors, provided that a ten (10) day notice of the proposed alteration, amendment, or repeal shall have been mailed by the Secretary to each Board member. At any such meeting, a quorum must be present.

         The OCSGA Club By-Laws are prepared and approved by the Board of Directors.


Dues paid as Candidates in Waiting will be deducted from the new member dues for that year when a Candidate in Waiting is elected to membership. Such deduction will not exceed the pro-rata new membership dues.

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