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Making your day enjoyable for all

General Rules

The Tournament Committee suggests that if the following General Rules are followed, it will make the day more enjoyable for all:

1. Check in at registration table immediately upon arrival. Have your putter marked with tape at the check-in table. All guests also need to check in personally.

2. Please do not move your cart until the announcement is made to proceed to your assigned tee.

3. Rules of Play

A. USGA rules apply except for course “local” rules and OCSGA “local” rules noted below, on your scorecard, or on the tournament Rules Sheet.
B. All play will be from the men’s tee markers as specified by the Tournament Committee for each tournament.

4. Scoring and OCSGA Local Rules:

A. The low handicap OCSGA member in each foursome will act as Team Captain.
The Team Captain will be responsible for:

  • Maintaining pace of play.
  • The accuracy and proper completion of the Official Score Card.
  • The signing and attesting of the card by himself and one other player.
  • The immediate return of the Official Score Card to the Pro Shop or a member of the
  • Tournament Committee on completion of play. An attest card is provided each foursome and should be used during play to save time checking scores at the completion of the round.
  • Most Important: The Team Captain ensures that his team follows the USGA Rules of Golf and “local” rules for each tournament.

B. The purpose of the OCSGA “local” rules is to speed up play of the round. The objective for a full field of golfers is to finish the round in five hours or less.

  •  All putts of 20 inches or less are conceded.
  • Any shot which ends up out of bounds or is a lost ball shall be played per the USGA local rule, i.e., drop a ball within the fairway at the point the ball went out of bounds, or was lost, adding two penalty strokes to your score.
  • Any ball not carrying over hazard may be dropped on far side; one stroke penalty.
  • Pick up your ball if you are at your maximum based on the new USGA maximum stroke rule. Maximum strokes are based on net double bogey.

C. If there is a question on the score of any hole, the Team Captain shall lead a review of the strokes, and he shall determine the proper number and record it at once.

D. If any member of the group does not agree with the decision of the Team Captain, or feels that the Rules of Golf have been misapplied, a decision may be requested of the Chairman of the Tournament Committee immediately upon completion of play. His decision shall be binding for tournament competition.

5. Remember, gentlemen, we are guests of the local country club, so please observe good golf etiquette. Failure to do so may result in the inability of the OCSGA to book the club as a future tournament venue.

In particular all players must be dressed appropriately in country club golfing attire.  All players must wear collared shirts tucked in at all times, no cargo shorts or jeans, all shorts shall be above the knee, but no more than 4″ above, and brimmed hats are never to be worn in reverse. The Chairman of the Tournament Committee may request any player arriving at the venue inappropriately dressed to correct it by buying appropriate attire in the Golf Shop or to leave the premises at the potential loss of his entry fee.

The OCSGA Club General Rules are prepared and approved by the Board of Directors.

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